Boo recently had the opportunity to share his experiences with Gary Bertwistle and Robbo from the Mojo Radio Show Podcast. In the podcast Boo touches on a whole range of current issues! What did Gary ask Boo? Take a look….

  • When people ask Boo what he does, how does he like to reply?
  • Boo's medical discharge and finding purpose after being a Jet Fighter Pilot
  • There are 500 items for a Jet Fighter Pilot to remember – why checklists are an essential SOP?
  • “How we train is how we fight,” yet in business we don't. Are we giving the advantage to our competitor?
  • How do we ensure the mission has been heard and understood before leaving the briefing room?
  • How do we create clarity around what we need to do?
  • The power of the Blue Angels approach to the debrief
  • The Afterburner process for a genuinely effective debrief – nameless, rankless. RESULT, REASON, RESPONSE
  • Taking ownership by the Blue Angels: “I'll fix my safeties, and I am glad to be here.”
  • Learning to take ownership of what went wrong and getting on to fix it
  • An effective debrief can improve performance by 300%. Are some debriefs too subjective, too many peoples opinions?
  • What is the Red Team?
  • What's chasing the needle and does that show up in business?
  • What's the OODA Loop process?
  • Boo has been conditioned to live and deal with stress as an elite jet fighter pilot. Does Boo need stress to feel fulfilled today?
  • Why is it that elite performers can't take the lessons and all they know is to be the best of the best in the air?
  • How does Boo see failure?
  • When a pilot is thinking checklists, they will take the attitude of “more how.”  What's the formula?
  • The alter ego of a jet fighter pilot

Listen to the podcast here:


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