We often fail to achieve our full potential, whether that be as an individual or an organisation. The two are actually inexplicably linked.

Why do we fear conversations around our day to day performance? Why do we get so defensive when our work is criticized? The ability to receive constructive feedback AND give it is a powerful capability to influence, adapt and innovate in a disruptive and agile manner.

Learn how you can actually execute smarter to build the stepping stones to a 98% success rate in this episode of Kerwin Rae's Unstoppable. Or watch the video to hear a little more on the power of debriefing!

Boo talks about his diagnoses of Ankylosing Spondylitis, he expertly transferred his Air Force skills to start a number of  successful businesses. Today, Afterburner has trained over 3,500 organisations and 2 million people in how to flawlessly execute like he did through the magic of the debriefing process.


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