Bridging the Continuous Improvement Gap

In the past two decades, thousands of companies have implemented continuous improvement (CI) methodologies in an effort to eliminate waste, reduce response time, simplify the design of both products and processes, and improve quality and customer service

Leadership Made Simple

Leadership Made Simple

Leadership is a complex endeavor. Since human beings are the most complex things known to exist, could leadership be anything less than complex? Humans, however, have a tendency to address complex problems with complex solutions

Flawless Execution

The Five Characteristics of Flawlessly Executing Organizations

What are Flawlessly Executing Organizations? Simply put, Flawlessly Executing Organizations win. They win because they possess high-performing teams whose planned activities are fully aligned to achieve organizational objectives in rapidly changing, complex environments

Flex in Modern Business

Disciplined Collaboration

Do you know how to collaborate in a disciplined fashion? It’s a great question, isn’t it? The current business and leadership literature touts the importance of collaborating in our turbulent world. Businesses and teams large and small are struggling to wrap their heads around just what collaboration is