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Prize supplied by Afterburner Australia (Level 13, 132 Arthur St, North Sydney, 2060).

"Boo has this innate ability to connect a world a very foreign to the audience, with a world very familiar to us. His energy and self-deprecating humour had us genuinely believing we could achieve anything we set our minds to!"

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Client's we've inspired

What Will you Learn?

Imagine if you could unlock your potential and what that could mean for you and your business.  Decode the secrets of optimising productivity with Boo.

Deep Performance

Develop the behaviours that will build sustainable high performance.

The SA Bubble

Develop the ability to find the right information at the right time to empower good decisions.

Get It Done

Understand the mindset of working and thinking that generates ‘Deep Performance'

Politics & Performance

Understand the 4-step accelerated strategy to identify the wins fundamental to team wins.