Building connection through emotion

“76% of people think mentors are important, however, only 37% of people currently have one” Olivet Nazarene University

The fact you are reading this means your journey to become a more successful and content person has just begun. You’re at the cusp of a transition, a tipping point. This decision will change your life permanently and unlike many decisions in life, this one has no downside.

I was fortunate to be surrounded by powerful and inspiring mentors from a very young age, and I’ll admit I took this for granted. I only truly appreciated the value of mentorship after running my first business for four years. It was then I reconnected with the need to find a mentor. I wasn’t my best self and my business and personal life were suffering as a result

This mentor changed my life.

Through my personal experience and the experience of my own mentor network my intention is to accelerate your business journey and help your business deliver the life you really want.

I work with a small group on individuals and their businesses, so there may be a small wait, before we have the opportunity to work together. If you’d like to schedule a discovery call please click the button below. I’d love to hear about your destination and how we can accelerate your journey and perhaps even surpass your expectations.


“Not sure if you need a mentor? This discovery Questionnaire may help you”

What’s the difference between a coach and a mentor - try this link here to the Association of Talent Development to learn more.