Unlocking YOUR deep performance

There are three things every leader and their team need, and you can't buy any of them, I call it "TP".


“There’s a well of untapped energy and performance inside all of us, researchers say as much as 400%… My role is to help you and your team unlock this potential to do more with less time, create deep levels of trust and align to your purpose, so you can live the life you've dreamed of.”

How do I know it’s there? Because I’ve tapped it myself and helped countless others find it too.

I was introduced to a life of high performance from the age of 19, when I was the youngest person to be recruited into the Royal Australian Air Force, to ultimately fulfil the dream I first had a six-year-old, to become a fighter pilot.

This slowly transitioned into a deep performance mindset, allowing me to successfully found a multi-national humanitarian business, build a 17 storey hotel and buy the company that published my favourite magazine as a child. I’ve lived a full life and now it’s time to give back.

I believe I fundamentally exist to help high performers like you discover deep performance, to empower you to fulfil your true purpose in life. To live the life, you always dreamed about.

I know you can, because I have, and I still live true to my dreams today.

Do you feel like there's a little more in the tank? You can transition into the team who delivers the results you’ve always wanted.

What’s the difference between a coach and a mentor - try this link here to the Association of Talent Development to learn more.

Try these free discovery tools I believe in:

What personality type are you?
16 Personalities
Discover your unconscious biases.
Project Implicit
What are your dominant character traits

How IT Works

There is no size fits all when it comes to coaching. However generally speaking my coaching programs work like this


On our initial discovery call we will explore your “whys”.

Why do you want a team or business coach? We will explore your mindset and the purpose you’re seeking to fulfil. Not sure about your purpose? That’s OK, we can explore a few ideas and concepts around Purpose. 

Remember Purpose is a snapshot in time and throughout a lifetime is subject to change!


You’ll learn quickly that I’m a big believer in planning and debriefing, although the way we (you and I) plan your journey may look a little different to what you are used to. 

Our plan is designed to lift you to your next level, we’ll build your self confidence, create more time, build trust and create clarity around the steps you need to take to fulfil your destiny.

We’ll focus on defining your purpose and the conceptualisation phase to start building your Situational Awareness skills


I’ve worked with McDonald’s in the past, so we’ll take a leaf out of their book, your coaching plan can be small, medium or large and you’ll get fries every time! I’ll coach you through the SA Loop and leave you with the lifelong skill of creating and maintaining situational awareness.

Small – I’ll help you produce a plan and you can attend my weekly group coaching sessions

Medium – As above and we’ll have a one on one each month

Large – We will meet every week for a month, then fortnightly until you’ve nailed your transition!